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Bethany’s Sunday & Wednesday Night Education Programs

The Below has been decided through the Youth Board, Leadership Committee, Sunday School and Wednesday School Superintendent’s, and Todd Henker (Youth Director) that we proceed with the following.


1. If MACCRAY East & West and MACCRAY High School are going to class in school or as Hybrid.

2. If Either of Both MACCRAY East or West are Distance Learning, but MACCRAY High School is going to class in school or Hybrid.

3. If Either or Both MACCRAY East or West are in school or Hybrid, and MACCRAY High School is Distance Learning.

4. If Either or both MACCRAY East & West are Distance Learning and MACCRAY High School is Distance Learning.


1. ALL WILL MEET: Sunday School,

 Wednesday Night, & Youth Group’s

2. WILL NOT MEET: Sunday School

 or Wednesday Night or Elementary.

 WILL MEET:  Sunday & Wednesday

 High School classes as Youth Groups.

3. WILL MEET: Sunday School or

Wednesday Night for Elementary         WILL NOT MEET: Sunday & Wednesday High School Classes.

Youth Groups will Zoom. 

4. ALL WILL NOT MEET: Sunday or

Wednesday Night Classes.

Youth Groups will Zoom.

In this ever-changing time, we have tried to make it a bit easier for parents to know when an when not to send their youth to our continuing Christian education programs on Sunday an Wednesday Nights here at Bethany.  We know that this isn’t ideal for all parties who attend Bethany’s Christian Educational programs, but we felt it was necessary. We are hoping and praying that this will give us the best chances to keep all youth safe as well as giving us the best chance to continue many of our Christian Educational programing for  youth.  If you have  Questions you may call Todd Henker at 320-847-3322 and I can give you better clarity.

  Thank you.

  Todd Henker

Question for the day- 1 Samuel 8-15 "When might it be wrong to want to be like someone else?  When might it be good?  Why do you think we sometimes disobey those who want what is best for us?  Why is Partial obedience still sin?" May 16

Wednesday Night

1st - 6th will resume again in the fall.