Bethany Kids Korner.

Sunday school / children's church / Wednesday activities/ Nursery will all start up in once again in the fall.

Wednesday night information is further down the page.

Sunday School - Suspended for now.

10:45-11:45 AM. There are classes available for students 3 years old - 12th Grade.

"Profession of Faith"
Set to a later date

Question for the day: - Exodus 15-17 "What things were the Israelite complaining about in the wilderness?  What did this show about their trust in God? List your families needs and pray about them."

Question for the day - From Exodus 18 "Who can you ask for advice from? Are you willing to listen to advice?  Why is it important for believers to help one another?  Who Can you help this week?"

Question for the day - From Exodus 19-20 "What rules do your family have/  Why does your family have rules?  List the 10 commandments and talk about why God gave people rules."

Question for the day- From Exodus 32; 34 "Aaron made a golden calf (an idol - which is something that we put in place of God) what kinds of things do we sometimes worship instead of God?  Moses talked to God for teh Israelites, who talks to God for us?"

Wednesday Night

Wednesday Night Schedule:

​Wednesday night education classes are done for the School year.

Youth groups will resume soon, but for now we are meeting on line.

Starting in the Fall:

Wednesday night: Supper starts at 6:15 followed by gym time.  At 7:00 1st-6th grader's gather for singing and then are dismissed to their class rooms. 

*7-8 Graders see YA / Jr. High youth page.

9th -11th Graders have Heidelberg Catechism class from 7:00-8:00 followed by AFC / Sr. High youth.


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