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Bethany Kids Korner.

Classes on Wednesday nights are from 7pm-8pm With a meal starting at 6:30. Sunday School classes are 10:45-11:30 am.
There is class on January 25 even though MACCRAY has an early out day.

Sunday School Questions of the day:

Question for the day- Daniel 7 - What are some things you can pray about, knowing that God, the eternal King, hears you when you pray?  Why should you trust God?  Which of God's promises in Daniel 7 might encourage you in difficult situations?   January 8

Question for the day-  Obadiah - What did God Promise to do for His people who were mistreated?  What did God do to fix our sin problem?  Why can we trust God even in hard times?  January 15

Question for the day- Ezra 1-3 - What promise did god keep to His people in exile?  How has God been faithful in your life?  How can you trust God this week?  January 22

Question for the day- Ezra 4-6; Haggai - What was the response when they met difficulties while rebuilding?  Why don't we worship in a temple today? How can we give glory to God this week? January 29


Bethany’s Sunday & Wednesday Night Education Programs

We ask as always, if anyone in your family has been ill we ask that you keep your child(ren) home, so as not to spread any illness or flu to others.  Nobody likes to be sick. 


If school cancels or is "called off" for in-climate weather we will not have Wednesday night programing. January 25 MACCRAY has an "early out day" - we will have programing that night.

If you have any Questions about Sunday or Wednesday activities you may call Todd Henker at 320-847-3322. 

Wednesday Night

Remember is school calls off for snow we will not have activities either. If you have a question's you can call the church office at 847-3322 or it will be on "operation Snow desk" or this Web sight.

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