Bethany Kids Korner.

Classes from 7-8pm are done for the year.  They will resume when school starts in the fall.

 Wednesday night information is further down the page.

Sunday School Questions of the day:

Question for the day- Jeremiah - Do you always obey rules at home?  Why not?  Is your heart hard toward God or is it soft?  Why? Why do you think God sent prophets to warn His people? May 1

Wednesday Night

Meals are done for the year.

Remember is school calls off for snow we will not have activities either. If you have a question's you can call the church office at 847-3322 or it will be on "operation Snow desk"



Bethany’s Sunday & Wednesday Night Education Programs

At this time we do not anticipate any disruption to our programing this year.  However, we also do understand that we live in an ever-changing environment.  So, if there is another "outbreak" of Covid we will send out information to parent's and student's on how we will handle that situation within our current programing.  If you have any Questions you may call Todd Henker at 320-847-3322.  As always if school cancels or "calls off" for in-climate weather we will not have Wednesday night programing.  A Starting date and Schedule will soon be posed for Sunday School and Wednesday night classes.