Gym Use.

We at Bethany are trying to be safe and

sensitive to peoples needs and health.


First we ask that you check the Calendar page tab and make sure there is nothing else scheduled for the time you would like to schedule the Gym / Hub use.

To schedule use of the Gym / Hub please call in advance to set up a time to use the area with Ivy Ruiter at 320-847-3322.  Why the call - so that there is no conflict with others who have spoken for the space. 


As always if you are here after business hours you need to have an adult with you at all times.

Please sanitize all equipment, with the spray that is provided, for the next person to use.  Obviously we want to keep all our equipment safe for people to use as they come in and use our facility.  There is also a spray bottle by the inside of the gym door for you to sanitize the hand rails and door's as you leave.  If the spray sanitizer is out please talk to a staff member so they can fill it for you

GYM: Please sweep the floor in the gym with the "Big Blue Dust Mop" after your activity is done and sweep up any dust with broom and dust pan that is provided in the equipment room.  

HUB: Please take out all garbage, put tables and chairs back, as well as vacuum up any area that was used in the Hub.  

Thank you for helping to keep our Hub and Gym area open for all who would like to use it.