Gym Use at this Time.

  Here is how you can still use the gym.

1. We at Bethany are trying to be safe and

sensitive to peoples needs and health.

So, to better control the in's and out's of the gym at this time, please call in advance to set up a time to use the gym.  Why the call - so that there is no conflict with others who have spoken for the space.  As always if you are here after business hours you need to have an adult with you at all times.

2. What things can we do in the gym when

we call to use it?

Currently we are being asked not to play any kind of Basketball GAME, 1 on 1 /3 on 3. Shooting is OK, but the physical part of Defense is prime for the possibly of the spreading Covid- 19.  Volleyball, pickle ball, badminton, and shooting around are OKed. 

3.  Will there be open Gym?

As of today there is not open gym for the general public.

4.  How clean is the GYM / What is expected

of me if I use the gym to make sure it is clean for me and other users?

Obviously we want to keep all our equipment safe for people to use as they come in and use our facility.  So this is what we are asking people to do after they have used the churches equipment. 

A)  The top 2 racks for balls have been cleared for used equipment. Meaning after you use some equipment place ball's on those racks to be sanitized.  Scooters we are asking that they stay on the floor in the equipment room until sanitized.

B) There is a spray bottle in the gym for you to sanitize the hand rails and door's that get touched.  We are also asking you to sanitize spray any and all of the equipment that you use, but to leave balls on the top 2 racks and Scooters on the floor for staff to put away so that they get proper time to dry from the sanitizer.

C)  if the spray sanitizer is out please talk to a staff member so they can fill it for you.

Thank you for understanding the difficult situation that we are all in.

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